Ken Thomson and Slow/Fast: Settle

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New feature in Critical Read: “Ken Thomson exemplifies a new generation of composers tasked with picking up the pieces of music history.” is online now, written by Maggie Malloy.

Ken Thomson Sextet

Fantastic critical reception for “Sextet” — featured as top of 2018 on Second Inversion, AnEarful and more.

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This Fall, I’ll be performing Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 Musicians” and performing my version of his “New York Counterpoint” for 11 clarinets (that I recorded) for the first time in NY at Brookfield Place/World Financial Center on October 15-16 for a live recording by WNYC’s New Sounds.

Also coming up before the end of 2019!  My sextet will be heading to U Missouri/Columbia and U Nebraska/Kearney to do performances and classes; and I’ll be heading to Australia to perform on the Dots+Loops Festival and to work with Ensemble Offspring and composer fellows at their Hatched Academy.